Did you know...

Never mow more than one third of new growth at a time. Leave short clippings on the lawn after you mow. They will decompose quickly into healthy compost. 



Past Presidents

The following individuals have served as President of WLCA Metro Milwaukee Chapter.  Their leadership and dedication to the green industry and WLCA Metro Milwaukee has contributed to the growth of our organization and has promoted professionalism of our industry in the community.


Tom Lied 1966
John Orton 1967
Roy Zehren 1968-1969
Don Groth 1970-1971
Ed Fitting 1972-1973
John Roeske 1974-1975
Joe Nevels 1976-1977
Matt Stano 1978-1979
Marshall Scheibe 1980-1981
Karl Metzger 1982-1983
Ron Klokner 1984-1985
David Frank 1986-1987
Robert Eggert 1988-1989
Robert Walkoe 1990-1991
Robb Lied 1992-1993
John Luznicky 1994-1995
Peter Kudlata 1996-1997
William Wandsnider 1998-1999
Rick Hase 2000-2001
Mike La Rosa 2002-2003
Heather Schuster 2004-2005
Kurt Barth 2006-2007
Gary Oberfoell 2008-2009
Brian Bormann 2010-2011
Tom Ball 2012-2013
Dean Pipito 2014-2015