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Fast growing trees with wide spreading root systems should never be planted too near your home.  Roots can cause damage to your homes foundation and possibly your roof too.


WLCA Members Job Postings

Here's How You Can Submit a Job Listing:

  • Please keep your ad to 1-2 pages and submit as a Word or PDF file.
  • A logo must be sent as a separate .gif, .jpeg, or .png file from your job listing (size less than 150x150 pixels)
  • Please submit ad to
  • Your ad will be posted on the web site for 4 weeks (one month) unless otherwise specified at the time the ad is placed.  Ads can only be posted in 4 week (one month)  increments - i.e. one month, two months, etc...   You will be billed accordingly.


  • $25 per month